Friday, August 10, 2012

stealing from friends

A few weeks ago (not sure how long exactly, been a busy summer) I ordered flowers for a bridal show while I was working on a 4 wedding weekend. Of course the brides come first, so when the flowers came in for the show I looked at what I ordered and thought to myself "my God, what have I done." After I calmed down I realized I saw several of my brilliant florist friends in the selection of flowers. The designs are not copies of their work, but their influence is hard to deny. 1st is a clutch bouquet inspired by Arthur Williams, owner of Babylon Floral (a genius with texture, visit his site, he's an experience.) The bouquet is of; grevellia, orange magic roses, lantana and succulents. A petal ready flower girl basket made of wire, and a Jr. bouquet of lantana. Next a clutch of pink garden  roses and dusty pink spray roses with a few support pieces (a beautifully scented crowd pleaser.) Next a cascade bouquet inspired by Frankie Peltiere and Beth O'Riley (God bless bless 'em.) A lush, floor dragging bouquet of; Mambo lilies, Sweetness roses, calycina and cymbidium orchids attached to wire (totally knocked ' em out, thanks guys!") The last 2 images are inspired by Hitomi Gilliam, a river cane structure  built on a stand given to me by Frankie, here used as an altar piece (or truth be told a stop here piece.) 7 ft. of river cane, lantana, free spirit roses, with birds of paradise lashed to the structure. Thank you my friends, this presentation killed.