Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Gregor Lersch at ISFA '13

Another excellent Illinois State Florists Association Spring Conference! The ISFA board does an amazing job bringing in world class design educators, vendors, provides scholarships and generally strives to keep the floral industry vibrant and forward thinking, not to mention showing us all a great time - thank you guys! This year I had the amazing opportunity to assist German designer Gregor Lersch (a big deal for a flower nerd like me!) When Gregor wasn't being completely charming (which was always,) craftsmanship was the name of the game. There were no pre-existing containers, everything was handmade, including that basket and stand in the first photo - wire wizardry. In the second image I am weaving curly willow through a wire armature created on a stand made from fencepost and rebar. The willow served as not only a device to attach water tubes for the gloriosa lilies and lily grass ( finished design 3rd image) but also as a visual counterbalance to the fencepost. The last image is a piece of fencepost attached horizontally to a rebar stand wound with ficus roots (lovely,) gloriosa lilies, senecio (string of pearls plant) and green trick. Just 2 of many amazing pieces - more later. Ciao!